April Fools

I got to visit with my mom for a little bit the other day and she told me how Miss Aly peeks around the corners before walking down the hallway.  Why would she do that?  Because my dad likes to hide and scare her.  Yup I remember peeking around corners  growing up! So April fools day is the one day of the year where there's no limit on the payback and all is fair game.  Poor Aly, we will teach her how to get him back soon! (I hope!)

Last year, I wrote a letter pretending to be Jeramiah's teacher saying he was expelled form school for this and that. At the bottom of the letter it was dated "April Fools".  I handed it to their dad and bam it was on!  He was so angry and Jeramiah even pretended to cry when dad started scolding him for being in so much trouble at school.  My boys are learning good!  I'm so proud!

This year, I already have my "tools".  I ordered "Peek-a-Boo" nail polish from Del Sol.  If you haven't heard of Del Sol, everything changes colors, including this nail polish that goes on clear and in the sun turns bright pink!!!!  bahaha The only real question is "who all will be my victims this year?"  Hubby?  the boys? hummmm Maybe I'll even order an extra bottle for my mom to get my dad!

 Oh but what if he has to work?  I really don't want him getting in trouble at work!  Well as long as he stays inside for the day he will be fine because it's clear until the sun hits it.  He just better put his hands in his pockets as he walks to and from the car. BAHAHAHA

This was a cloudy day.  So remember the brighter the
sun the brighter the pink!
Now, what about for me?  Sure a few bucks for an awesome April Fools joke is ok, but what should I do with it the rest of the year?  Wear it of course!  The bright pink is a totally fun color! But best of all, if I'm in an important meeting or somewhere that I need to be a little more conservative, as long as I'm inside it looks like just clear nail polish.  The color will not change without direct sunlight. 

The kids are having a lot of fun with the color to!  All my little princesses love showing off their color changing nails.  But we have a lot more colors to discuss in another review.  That's coming soon!

Check out all of the Del Sol products at the following link;

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  1. My sister uses the Del Sol nail polish and she loves it. I love the color changing effect!

  2. I've used this before and it's some great nail polish!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun around your house!! LOLOL... Seriously though, I have heard of Del Sol. They sell a lot of products out around South Padre' Island here in Texas. Their products are very popular with young people in the Surf Shops. PHOOEY!! I may be 55 years young...but I want to try it, too!! ♥

  4. I never really got into april fools.... my son on the other hand gets me every time.. lol

  5. I would love to try and get some of this nail polish, if I ever can afford it - As I intend to have an after-school tutoring program and help with projects, reports etc.

  6. I would love to try and get some of this nail polish, if I ever can afford it - As I intend to have an after-school tutoring program and help with projects, reports etc.

  7. I would love to try this nail polish. Mainly for myself, but what a great April Fool's joke for my hubby. I may have to steal it for next year.

  8. sounds like a fun April Fools day trick

  9. I want to try this I love this kind of stuff they have shirts that change in the sun too.

  10. I would love to try that nail polish.I've never used color changing polish before.