Morning Glamour

A good night’s sleep can be so rare sometimes especially when you lack so many of the factors that play into that quality nights rest.   Now a crying baby at 3 AM isn’t something that can really be avoided but a comfortable place to lay your head back down can ease the tension that comes with trying to fall back asleep.

This week I came across Morning Glamour which is so much more than just that comfy place to lay your head.  Morning Glamour produces a satin pillowcase that really provides a luxurious cover to your ordinary pillow plus with their stay-put pocket design, I don’t have to chase my pillow across the bed all night.  

But their soft and smooth satin pillow cases provide more than just a little peaceful rest.  Morning Glamour states that while sleeping on a satin pillowcase you reduce wrinkles and help eliminate hair loss and breakage.  Why?  As you lay down your head on your ordinary pillow case, wrinkles develop overnight from your face smoothed and pushed against that harsh pillow.  On the Satin Pillowcase your face will glide across it preventing the sleep wrinkles before they ever begin.

So how does it prevent hair loss?  Well the theme carries on.  On a cotton pillow case, Morning Glamour states friction develops which can damage and break your hair.  Morning Glamour has also developed their pillowcase with a stay-put design to help keep your pillow in place while you sleep. 

  So glide on baby and protect yourself while providing a beautiful nights rest. 

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  1. Soft and dreamy! These sound great

  2. I think its great they developed the stay put pockets

  3. wow thanks! i loved using those kind of pillow cases but hate that they come off!! thank you I will look into this one!

  4. satin pillowcases are the best!