Lilla Rose

It’s summer, which of course means it’s hot and my hair is always up!  But at times I would rather something a lot nicer than a simple pony tail, or at least a little conservative bling so it’s doesn’t always look like I tossed my hair up and ran out the door. 

Lilla Rose to the rescue for sure!  This little clip even does my simple pony tail but now it looks like I put some effort into it rather than “run and go”.  It can be our little secret that I’m trying to blend in with the moms that look so well composed and proper everyday! Huuuu well one day I might get there but for now we can pretend!

Lilla Rose is so beautiful and easy to use.  There are so many different sizes and styles you can do with this clip that it’s sure to be a perfect fit for everyone.  Of course like I said I can use it to do a simple Ponytail, but then a half-up ponytail, tails up, and even a French twist.  My favorite though is the messy twist up because not perfect is perfect.   I also love that I can hop right onto their website and get new and different styles when I’m feeling a little fun and adventurous. 

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There are so many different things you can do with Lilla Rose that it’s a must have accessory.  Want to earn an extra income?  You can even sell them or host a party and get yours free!  Check out Lilla Rose by CLICKING HERE


  1. Very very pretty! I really like the look!

  2. That is so pretty! Perfect for when you want to look extra special!

  3. I've had long hair forever, and I'm always looking for some new way to change it up. Thanks for this review. I'm going to go take a look around the Lilla Rose website now.