From the Garden Part 2

I don’t know about you but I hate pulling weeds!  So this year in the garden rather than tilling in between plants every few days or weekly, I have come up with a few different solutions.

My first and favorite is to simply recycle.  I am sure the garbage man loves this too because instead of all these boxes being out in the dumpster each week, we just keep adding them to the garden. The card board works as an insulator and not only helps prevent weeds from growing up in-between plants but helps keep the ground moist by stopping the sun from drying out the top layers so quickly.   We also added a little straw to help fill in the cracks.

The second solution, or the one if you don’t have several boxes laying around is simply the black paper that you can put in a flower bed.  This is a lot less work than cutting the boxes down to size and removing all the tape but it can cost a little bit more in the end.

What are different ways you prevent weeds in your garden?  Want to read more about our garden this year?  Check out From The Garden Part One.  Click here


  1. I can't wait to garden again!! Living in Wisconsin our gardening time is limited but appreciated :) We have tried the black paper before but I don't like the way it looks.. I'm definitely going to have to try the cardboard. It is also a great kneeling pad so your knees don't get dirty! lol Thanks for the idea :)