GlitzSee Purse Light

If you know me then you know I would lose my head if it
wasn’t attached. I lose everything from my cell phone, car keys to a pen when I just had it, and that’s daily to! So when I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to try GlitzSee Purse Light, of course I said yes!!!  

I love this little bling bling diamond light! I just turn the switch to on and throw it in my purse. When I’m on the hunt for my car keys, it’s motion activated sensor turns the light on and I can see all the way through my bottomless pit purse. The light stays on for 15 seconds which so far has been the perfect amount of time to find what I’m looking for. I got a purple one which luckily for me is my favorite color but they come in red, pink and green also. 

Find yours at the following links:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

GlitzSee Website: CLICK HERE


  1. What a neat idea! I am constantly digging in my purse for keys, a pen, gum, or any other small item that seems to get lost in there!

  2. You have no clue how bad I need this about 20 times day! I am constantly searching for things in my purse!