Starbox from Starlooks

I have been told over and over again to try a Starbox from Starlooks.com and for $15 box I figured it would be a great fit for you my readers. 

The Starbox from Starlooks.com is a subscription based box unique and different every single month.  We have encountered a lot of subscription based companies so what makes Starlooks different?  While most companies send you several random samples, Starlooks sends you 3-4 full sized products. 

At first I thought it was a downfall that I couldn’t choose exactly what products they sent.  When I seen this vividly pink lip liner I was terrified! But once again, I have been proved wrong and really enjoyed trying a new product that was clearly out of my comfort zone. 

February Special Edition Lauren Clark Starlooks Box

This months Starlooks box included 4 full size products, total value approximately $50, again not bad for $15 right?

I was really nervous to try a liquid blush but the box came with Barbie Fluid Blush.  Barley using any at all the bright creamy blush gave the perfect tint for a cold winter day.

The pink Oasis Lip Gloss with the Tipsy Lip liner really gave me a solid bright color that I was delightfully impressed with.  I would have never guessed I could actually enjoy such a bright color, but these blended perfectly with my hair color and the pink shirt I have on today. 

Overall I am pretty impressed with the Starlooks February box.  I am really enjoying trying new products that I wouldn’t generally look twice at due to the intensity of the bright colors.  Turns out I am a bright colored girl and I love it!



  1. i like the lip product really nice i must check them out

  2. Sooooo pretty! I love it!!

  3. I wish I would have signed up to get all of the pinks thats way in my comfort zone!

  4. I love that lip color, it looks amazing on your skin. Seriously? $50 worth for $15? That sounds incredible!

  5. That lip color is awsome! Looks great!

  6. Cute picture! The color looks good!