Kickee Pants

Miss Aly is a wild child, but she is a sweet, loveable, huggable, bundle of bubbles and is really getting to the age where she is dancing and prancing around like a little princess.  Would you expect anything less?  After all she is related to me.

So like most aunts, I LOVE to spoil her and when I found Kickee Pants clothing I was really impressed.  The extra soft bamboo material is not only absolutely adorable, but very breathable and unrestrictive.  My sister said this is officially Aly’s new Zumba outfit.  I swear that child has an outfit for everything, and if she doesn’t she should. *Wink wink*

The soft colors were perfect for a 2 year old and I’m sure it’s safe to say she liked them to because when I pulled them out of the bag, her eyes lit up like a star in the sky.  I love Miss Aly!

What I found interesting with Kickee Pants is the fact that their clothing is all made out of bamboo.  The fabric takes on the qualities of the plant meaning it becomes antibacterial, antifungal, and antistatic.  What could be more perfect for rough and tough child who is into EVERYTHING! 

Check out Kickee Pants and I hope you love them as much as we do!

Kickee Pants Home Page

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  1. I didnt know bamboo was used in clothing, how neat!

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