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Trying to get Mr. Maison to sit down and read is like pulling teeth…. I understand that he reads all day at school and his little braid is tired when he gets home but he still has homework to do and part of that is reading. 

When we received a package from Henry’s World this week I knew it would be tough to convince him to sit down with me.  So I told him, “let’s read just a few pages and then you can go play”.  We picked out Henry & Tink a Remarkable Romance, and before I knew it, we were finished with the book and he was asking me to read it again and again.    The story is about a 2 legged puppy named Tink and a three legged cat named Henry and although they both realized they were very different from other animals they loved each other unconditionally.

Another member of their family, Dolly, created a workbook to help children explore their feelings. The boys actually sat down together and shared this workbook as they each took turns working through the pages.  Wow, my kids can get along!! The feelings workbook help kids understand and learn how to express their feelings rather then keeping them all bottled up.  I think this is a great addition for any child because feelings can be confusing sometimes and these workbooks help children work through it at their understanding levels.

I have become a firm believer in Henry’s World books and workbooks. We will soon be ordering more.  The ability that animals have to get a message through to a child, specifically my children, or other individual is sometimes more powerful then sitting here and repeating myself over and over to my kids.

One of the things I love the most about Henry’s World is they are 100% not for profit.  All of their proceeds go to helping more individuals and sharing the stories of Henry and Tink to as many people as possible.  Not to mention, these books they so graciously share are made with care and high quality.  These will last a long time in our house.


What does Henry’s World say about themselves?

Since 2006, when the initial stories about Henry were shared through the website, over 45,000 emails recounting stories of recovery have been sent to Henry, the three-legged cat. The storybook What’s the Matter with Henry? has been used by schools and in hospitals to overcome stigma, and to help individuals begin to see themselves as more than their disability. By taking an appreciative approach to challenge, Henry helps children and their families see that loss does not determine their attitudes, capacities, or selves. His basic message is be proud of who you are, notice what you can do, and do not let anyone label you with limitations.

Henry has decided to share one of their books with our readers.  Learn more about Henry’s World and his friends and earn your entries below. 


  1. I think my kids really would love Henry & Tink: A Remarkable Romance. <3

  2. These would be great for my daughter, I'll have to check them out

  3. My son would love any of these books and he is a huge fan of workbooks so a plus for me!! He is four and still at the age of wanting to learn all that he can absorb.

  4. My kids would love this and it seems like they have a very special program going on

  5. I really love the concept and my daughter loves interactive books!

  6. Love to read! Thank you for the chance...

  7. dont really know~at he time. the 5yolds like pete the cat~

  8. Henry's World looks like a winner for my granddaughter

  9. This caught my eye. I would love to read this especially since I have a tiny blind cat named Helen and a special needs son