Galilee Silks

These are absolutely one of the most beautiful scarves I have ever seen!  Hand painted in northern Israel, Galilee Silks uses the highest quality of raw white silk.  The special attention to detail they pay really shows off, these are beautiful, soft, and luxurious.  I am in complete aw with Galilee Silks.

Purple has always been my favorite color, so it would be safe to assume that would be my favorite right?  I would love to say that I like one more than the other out of the two that I received but that’s just not the case.   Although I really loved the shades of purple and it matched my shirt perfectly on the day I received it, I have to admit I love the other scarf just as much.  The brilliant and vibrant mixture of colors is really complementing regardless of what color my shirt happened to be. 

Now personally, I am not a big accessory person, but with Galilee Silks I put them both on!  I really enjoy not only how soft the texture of the silk is but how the colors really compliment an outfit.

The skills are obviously amazing of the artist of Galilee Silks.  Each silk is hand painted and dyed using special techniques, this guarantees that there will never be two silks exactly alike. I for one am extremely impressed and just can’t wait to do some more shopping through their website.  These silks will make excellent gifts year round!