Tulsa Oklahoma Zoo

Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Oklahoma

                This was another day trip that turned into a very quiet ride home as all the kids were asleep before we even left the parking lot.  Along with our two boys, we took a friend of theirs along with us and boy did they have a blast!

                There was so much to touch and feel and even ride!  The train ride was informative, we road it last although I think it would have been wiser to ride it first to see what all was available before we began wondering aimlessly.  Located inside the zoo were endless activities, including a petting zoo area that the kids could get up close and play with small animals.  There was even a large playground area that the kids could run free and burn off some extra energy before you hit the next animal exhibit.  However, I think the favorite part of the entire zoo for all three boys were the camel rides.  Yup I said it, Camel rides! It was a short ride, however inexpensive enough and really where else are you going to get to ride a Camel?

  The cost to get in was extremely reasonable, and at the time that we went there was even free parking!  Honestly, I am not a big zoo person, but I can remember going every summer with my grandparents and that is a memory I value now as an adult.  I defiantly recommend the Tulsa Zoo if your ever in the area.  It’s well worth not only the drive, but the value and the experience of seeing how much fun the kids had.  We will be going back for sure!

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