Sweet Mornings

Oh my dearest children… My children teach me just about every lesson I never knew I didn’t know. They are sweet, rotten, spoiled, and smart, but yet they are my children so I guess I am the blame for the rotten part.  Sure there are days where I wish I could just rip out every single piece of hair in my head, or the days I swear my another grey hair just popped up or a wrinkle is showing on my face.  But then there are the moments like this morning where it makes it all worth it.  As I hurried them to get their things together, get dressed, and eat breakfast, they were actually ready to walk out the door with plenty of time to spare.  Whew! Then the sweet part came, Mr. Maison decided he was going to plant it right on my lap and cuddle for a few minutes.  Ahhhhh the moments of just resting with them in your arms are priceless. 

What are your favorite morning moments with your children?

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