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Wow do I have another amazing product to tell you about!  First off, I want to ask you, how many paper towels do you go through a day, a week or in a month?  Admitting that our family is pretty wasteful, we go through about a roll to two rolls a week.  At $2.00 a roll, that’s over a $150 a year in just paper-towels! Ok, so I guess I didn’t realize we spent that much until now, yikes!

Well that has got to stop, and I finally found a solution!  Have you ever heard of Skoy Cloth? I hadn’t either until a friend was telling me about them and I knew it was something I had to try.  Rather than running around cleaning up after my kids and their afterschool snacks and activities yesterday, I let it sit, dry and harden overnight.  I thought I was going to freak out for not cleaning it up, but I really wanted to put SKOY to the test. 

Personally, I don’t like using my dish sponge on the counters.  For one, the cross of germs is far from appealing and when you do use that little sponge you are constantly ringing and rinsing.  As you can see, the mess that was left behind by my two little angels would have taken at least 20 paper towels to clean up, and that’s if they stayed in-tact while I scrape up the really stuck stuff. 

None of that was the case with SKOY Cloth.  As soon as I got it wet with a little warm water it became so soft and easy to use.  The cloth was very strong and sturdy and I was even able to clean an entire counter without needing to rinse or re-wet.  But what about the really sticky stuff, including the paint that was left on the counter overnight? I was able to really dig into the cloth and using my fingernail through the cloth to scrape the counters clean. No holes, no tears and the cloth is still good as new, and only slightly dirty considering the mess it just cleaned up.   Try doing that with a paper towel.


As I was reading over the website, I really had to kind of laugh when I read “makes cleaning fun”.  Sure there are some people that really enjoy cleaning, but this makes cleaning fun? Then I had to stop and realize before I knew it I had cleaned the entire kitchen with just one SKOY Cloth.  It was super easy and extremely durable!  So, the part that I have to admit, I actually enjoyed using my SKOY Cloth.

These cloths are an extreme environment advance in cleaning cloths.  “This European made product is 100% biodegradable and is made from a unique blend of natural cotton and wood-pulp cellulose.  SKOY Cloth is non-toxic, chlorine-free and made using water-based colors and inks. 

SKOY cloth is a reusable product due to its amazing durability.  Using one SKOY cloth is the equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home.”

“SKOY cloth can be cleaned in your dishwasher and is washer/dryer safe.  Another option to keep your cloth healthy and germ-free is to microwave it wet for 1-2 minutes”.

Personally, I really am thrilled with the SKOY cloth.  The fact that they are environmentally friendly and come in a really cute original design simply adds to the joy of using them.  It’s also obvious we will be using a lot less paper towels in this household. 

Where can you get SKOY?

                SKOY is now available in all The Container Store locations and select Cost Plus World Markets to.  But if you don’t have either one of these near you, don’t worry you can always purchase them online.  Not only would these make a great gift with their oh so cute design, but SKOY has recently started a fundraising program for schools.  If you are a teacher or parent, you know how important it is to incorporate different fundraisers into your local program. 

SKOY has graciously allowed us to giveaway a set of their cloths.  Rules for the giveaway include:

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