Pine Bros

With the flu season in full swing and colds being passed back and forth everywhere, Pine Bros couldn’t have came at a better time.  Established and trusted since 1870 these soothing throat drops currently come in two flavors, Natural Honey and Wild Cherry.  My favorite is of course the Wild Cherry. 

But these are not your normal throat drops; they are semi-soft and made right here in America.  To add to their 140 plus years of history they have developed a convenient refillable puck that is easy to throw in my purse or the diaper bag.  Now I don’t have to worry about spilling them everywhere. 

The design of the puck is amazing and the lid can’t just be popped right off.   This particular design must be twisted to remove the lid which gives me some added security that young kids wont be able to get into them.   These are not a gummy throat drop either, they are soft and chewy yet tough enough to last and truly sooth a sore throat.   I like these a lot better than regular drops because while they don’t taste just like candy which can be dangerous for children who believe they are candy, the are very enjoyable when you are under the weather.

 If you haven’t already, try the Wild Cherry!  You can order them on their website or find them in some local stores. 

Pine Bros has graciously allowed us to host a giveaway for 8 pucks in the flavor of one lucky readers choice!  Be sure to claim your entries below. 

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