PB Crave

We sat down and gave the boys the box that came from Peanut Butter Crave today, and when Jeramiah opened it up he had a world of questions.  “Mom how do they help all these children?”
 I explained to him the process and asked if he would let me record them trying the peanut butter out.  “Only if I can tell everyone about all these kids they help, this is awesome”.  I have a pretty awesome son if you ask me he is all about helping others.


So I hit record and this is what I got, I apologize in advance for Mr. Maison but I couldn’t bare making Jeramiah start over again and I was laughing to hard to hit stop.  This is a lesson as to why I am a writing blog and not a video blog. I hope you enjoy!

In case you as well were laughing through this video here is what PB Crave is about, pretty amazing if you ask me.  A minimum of 2% of their profits from every jar go directly to Project Peanut Butter which is focused on treating malnourished children.   Malnutrition is the leading cause around the world of children under 5 and so far Project Peanut Butter has helped save the lives of more than 100,000 children. 

Now those are the stats, but how does it stand up to other top leading brands? In this house we put peanut butter on a lot of things, including pancakes with bananas, but the coco-banana was a treat last night at dinner.  Yes, we had pancakes for dinner and they were good!

I defiantly recommend you checking out PB Crave, not only for their good will they have instilled around the world, but the taste is far beyond anything I have ever tried.  Don’t tell my honey but I even snuck a spoon full before bed last night!


PB Crave is now available at The Fresh Market, Earth Fare and some Whole Foods grocery stores. 


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  1. I put peanut butter on A SPOON! Right out of the jar, to my mouth! YUM! Or Toast! :)

  2. I bet I could eat some Cookie Nookie straight out of the jar right about now! That sounds so good!

  3. Can't say I've ever eaten it out of the jar like he does but I used to love using Hersey's chcolate bars to dig it out when I was a little kind ;)

  4. eat it with a spoon as well as on bread

  5. Oh my gosh your kids are just to cute!