Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs Arkansas-

                This is not really a kid friendly town, but it’s exciting for anyone to see 147 degree steaming hot water come straight from the ground so maybe make a trip with the kids, and then one without.  Or heck, bring grandma so she can watch the kiddo’s while you and hubby sneak into one of their relaxing spa’s. 

                While your there, take a stroll down Bath House Row where you can even tour the one of them known as Fordyce.  There is still two of the bath houses even remain in operating order, what an experience!! My husband and I both not only found them rather interesting but it was kind of fun to go through these old buildings and see how things used to work. 

Hot Springs Arkansas offers just about anything for everyone.  There is the Hot Springs National Park which provides beautiful views of the city below.  We found there are many places to take a nice walk, or hike and even heard about the annual 4x4 Jeep Jamboree that we look forward to going to in an upcoming trip. 

Of course the lake is also near by for some exciting or even relaxing fishing, however you choose to look at it.  I personally love our boat, and get excited to take it out on the water but then 30 minutes into strolling around the lake I am so relaxed I have been known to fall fast asleep.  We even spent one black Friday down there just to do our holiday shopping and it was a breeze!

Of course if the nature scene isn’t for you, you can journey on down to Oaklawn Park and do a little gambling in their two story casino. 

Hot Springs really offers a little something for everyone.  We were fortunate enough to take our children once so they could see and feel the piping hot water.  But the rest of the trips there are reserved for just him and I as it makes for a wonderful weekend get away.   

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