Heartbreaking Mommy Moment


So I have really debated writing this for a mommy moment but I believe a lot of parents will at one point have this experience and it truly is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

Last Saturday the boys grandmother passed away and although they knew the time was coming telling them was one of the most painful moments I have ever experienced.   Jeramiah especially was really clingy to her and absolutely admired her for her strength and character.  She truly was an inspirational woman who we will never really be able to let go of. 

I can remember the first time I met her, over lunch.  Their dad told me that I had to eat everything on my plate or Gran would be upset and mad thinking I didn’t like what she had prepared. At that time I was pretty shy and he fixed my overloaded plate for me.  About halfway through my plate I was beyond full and she could tell.  I can still hear her sweet voice say “honey are you ok” and I told her that I was trying to finish I really was.  Oh she blew up on him and gave him ten kinds of the third degree.  There were so many wonderful memories like that from that point on. 

Although their dad and I divorced back in 2007, we have had a strong parenting relation ship.  So when the time came we were able to sit them down together to break the news.  For this I am extremely grateful that we have been able to remain friends and truly parent our children together.  Jeramiah and Maison took the news pretty rough, but again I am glad that as parents we are able to get along because I know that made this heartbreaking experience much easier on them.

So this post is in memory of Gran, a true inspiration of a strong courageous and kind woman.  We love you and will forever miss you.  By your example we live.


  1. Even though this is a short story of what happened, it brought tears to my eyes. She sounds like she was an amazing, loving, caring woman and it must hurt like crazy to have to say goodbye to her. I remember when my gramma passed away when I was 16.. there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her at least 5 times! It's great that your ex and yourself can co parent together too.. how wonderful for your children :) Love the picture.. it looks like a great memory to have!

  2. It is hard to say goodbye to somebody you love! This story was extremely touching!