Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer

Ewww La La! That’s how my face feels right now after using Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer! Oh yea we have scored a touch down because my face feels amazing and my make up glides right on top of it.

I have pretty sensitive skin, so what I can actually use without breaking out is very limited.  When I received the Upgrade Complexion Face Primer I was all but a little nervous… Trying new products on my face can be a little risky if I plan on going out of the house again the rest of the week.  But I put less than a pea amount on my finger and it smoothed right just like silk! Oh so soft! The primer set my face ready to go for foundation, and I noticed I used half the amount of foundation I normally do.  Foundation can be expensive; my current brand I’m using is over $50 a bottle, so to save a little here and there is a double score! But I also have to admit, at another given time, I put the primer on without applying makeup at a later time because if feels that good! 

The boys looked at me like I was rubbing gunk on my face, so of course I had to show them and tell them what it was.  Before Mr. Maison knew it I had rubbed some across his cheek and he said it felt like baby powder without the powder… Now I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that, but I do know it was a good thing he didn’t run away screaming!  

This is another “win” in our product list!  I not only recommend using this product but even on days where your not wearing any makeup at all.  This is a great skin care agent as you can see from the Global Goddess description that follows. 

Imagine beginning your beauty routine with a drape of liquid silk—one that blurs the line between skin nutrition and visual radiance.
“Smooth this primer on alone or before makeup to create a radiant, even canvas.”

  • Pearlescent pigments and natural light reflective ingredients act as optical smoothers for fine lines creating a youthful glow.
  • Vitamins A and E nourish, while anti-oxidants create a thin veil of protection for a silky finish.
  • Soothing licorice, a European beauty secret, boosts microcirculation, brightens skin tone and lightens the appearance of unwanted skin imperfections.
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