Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman

Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman
By David Harap

This is not your ordinary cook book ladies; this one is the perfect not only for him but the entire family.  I have a deep dark secret for you.  When I want a new recipe I am very guilty of going straight to Google, and yes we have had some very bad experiences in the kitchen that way.  My husband hates when I get online for a recipe so I thought this book would be perfect for our family, since he likes to cook more than I do anyways. 

                There are different sections of “Entertain Like a Texas Gentleman” and they are perfect for any occasion.   One of my favorites is “Cooking With Kiddos”, because not only did it give food fun names and different ways to cook with your children, but David Harap actually took the time to explain why it is important to let your kids in the kitchen.  This section alone added big brownie points!

My honeys favorite part, “Super Bowl/ March Madness”. He has already picked out his favorite dishes that we will be trying, including “Jambalaya Bread pudding”.   One section that caught me off guard, and I am sure we can all relate is, “Its Too Damn Hot Too Cook”.  Our summers here get ridiculously hot and sometimes turning on the oven and stove is absolutely not an option!  This section will be perfect during June and July!

 I recommend this David Haraps book “Entertain Like a Gentleman because the whole family can get some use out of this one.  Amazon has just a few copies left or you can check out his Facebook page here:






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  1. Amazon has a Kindle version of this book for only $2.99! I'm going to take a look through it now, and for that price, I might just download it. Thanks for the recommendation.