Crater of Diamonds State Park

Diamond Dig


Do you like to play in the dirt?  Me either, but I jumped right on in with the kids and hubby when we went to the Diamond Dig in Crater of Diamonds State Park.  This is located in Thomson township Arkansas which isn’t to far from Hot Springs.

As you pull up into the park, the first thing you see is a small waterpark that the kids will beg to go to!! It looks like a lot of fun, but it wasn’t something we planned on doing therefor we stuck to playing in the dirt. 

When you sign in and purchase your tickets, which I have to say were pretty inexpensive, you are offered a variety of additional tools you can purchase to help you explore.  I recommend going ahead and brining a small bucket and shovel, but if you forget of course they have some for just a couple of bucks.  Then there is a short but rather interesting presentation about the land and how to dig or more precisely what to look for.  Once you have learned a little bit of what you’re looking for you are released into the 37 acres of plowed dirt to roam, play, and dig your way through.   


Tired of digging?  Take a break under their canopy where they have a snack bar, a little shopping, and a few activities to keep the kids busy while you are resting.  The entire park is kid friendly and really a fun trip.

Crater of Diamonds State Park was defiantly an experience and I absolutely recommend it if you have little ones who love to play in the dirt!  Even though we went in the middle of summer where the heat seemed like just a little too much to handle, there is an adventure for the entire family.  And of course if the heat gets to be just too much, take a dip in their pool after your dig. 

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