Carnival Elation


While looking at different vacations the math really started to add up that we just may not be able to afford to go anywhere and as disappointing as that is, it’s reality for most people. Then I remembered the lectures my grandma would give me, “go on a cruise honey everything’s included and they are amazing”. Well coming from my not so young grandma her picture of amazing and mine are two totally different things, so I thought.

We finally decided we would hop on a Carnival Cruise, and choose Elation, because the price was pretty reasonable and it was a smaller boat meaning we would be less likely to get lost or be overwhelmed with the size. I was wrong, the boat was a lot bigger than we expected and there was plenty of room to get lost!

The activities were endless and the food was amazing and it was really pure relaxation! Which is why 7 months later we took the rest of the family with us back on Elation again? It was kind of nice knowing the ship a little better and the kids had the time of their life! We all did really.

Jeramaih ate and tried new things including alligator and snails and Mr. Maison loved the endless ice cream that was ready to go at any given moment. Of course they both loved the Peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwiches delivered right to our cabin at bed time. The food was endless!

What I loved most of all about cruising is you can really turn yourself off to the outside world. Sure they had computers and internet if you were just dying to connect with everyone back home but the lack of distractions really allowed for some quality family bonding time. It was amazing to spend good time with my kids and rest of the family without the phone ringing or them being glued to cartoons. The activities on the ship really kept them entertained and happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to the art auctions and the spa and in those places the boys can get pretty bored, that’s why there is Camp Carnival!!! An entire group of employees to cater to the kids and “party “with them as the boys called it. They loved camp carnival and I loved camp carnival! *Wink

We are already planning another cruise, in May hubby and I will be taking our break on the Magic and are more than excited!

What does your family do for vacations? If you haven’t taken a cruise I highly recommend trying it at least once, it’s a pure addiction to get back on the boats again and again.

Oh!!! And before I forget, Carnival is running a contest right now to win a FREE trip for two on Sunshine! Don’t forget to enter!

Carnival is giving away hot prizes and a cruise for 2 on Destiny!!! Click the link to see if you win!

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  1. Such fun! I am considering a cruise for our honeymoon now!