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When our package of Brothers All Natural products arrived, the kids were in instant aw! The Disney Characters on the packages were a big hit and with each bag only having 40 calories I let them dig right in. 

Each bag of Fruit Crisps includes real freeze dried fruit without any preservatives, which is why we were so interested in try them.  The Peach Fruit Crisps are my favorite and I was really surprised to find out that each bag contains an entire two servings of fruit, what a healthy and convenient way to snack!

The boys really got a kick out of the Disney packaged fruit, apples and cinnamon and apples and bananas were their favorite.  I was surprised to find out that despite the flavor intense fruit, Brothers All “Natural doesn’t add any sugar or additives.  This makes me feel a lot better when the boys were digging in bag after bag. 

Another product the boys devoured without any hesitation is their Fruit & Oats.  Now don’t get me wrong, the boys like Oatmeal, but every now and then when trying something new, they will say “I’m full” after having only a bite.  When that happens I know they just didn’t like it and I better offer them something else.  With Brothers All Natural Fruit & Oats that wasn’t the case at all!  I set their oatmeal in front of them, turned around to make a cup of coffee, and by the time I turned back around the oatmeal was gone!  I guess that means they liked it right?

While you’re visiting the Brothers All Natural website, don’t be afraid of checking out what they have on Special or even their Gift Certificates.  The Gift Certificates would make a great gift to kids and grandbabies to allow them to pick out their own Disney packed freeze dried fruit packs.

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