After School Snack


It seems as soon as the kids walk in the door after a long day at school they are of course “starving” as they say.  Then again, I can remember coming home from school hungry as well when I was their age, so what’s a small snack going to hurt. 

I am always looking for ways to be creative or use the things we already have at cabinets to make something new.  This week we made peanut butter crackers, and I had to stop and ask myself, why in the world did I ever buy these when they are so simple to make!

As much as Mr. Maison loves peanut butter (I swear the kid could eat it every single day and would if I let him), we have to change it up and often.  What was their next request? Ice cream!  Oh my goodness they are nuts there is still snow on the ground!

But I did have the cones, next best option. Pudding cones and they devoured them.  Make the pudding as instructed on the box, let it set until hard, and then scoop it into an ice cream cone just as you would actual ice cream.  Easy, sweet, and they loved it!  It’s a win!

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